I don’t need a test drive. Just get me one, please.

What’s the coolest car you’ve ever seen in a movie? This car takes the cake in my opinion. James Bond has nothing on this car.

3 responses to “I don’t need a test drive. Just get me one, please.”

  1. this is reaching way back but the yellow car from the 1981 film “Condorman” was clearly the coolest vehicle for its time. if futuristic gravity-defying vessels are in the running though, i’d settle for any of the junkers in Minority Report…

  2. Reaching even further back, the Lotus Espirit / submarine in the “Spy who Loved Me” from 1977 will always rank as my favorite movie car.

  3. The one thing about all of the James Bond cars is that they’re street legal. I doubt you could get 20 blocks in this thing without a herd of police cars chasing you.

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