I dare you to eat a stick of butter

How much would someone have to pay you to eat a stick of butter by itself?

18 responses to “I dare you to eat a stick of butter”

  1. Jeff – you could do either salted or unsalted. I think to be fair you have to keep it down for about 3 minutes, otherwise it’s not really a successful effort.

  2. You know what is funny, I’ve heard that if you live far north (like northern Alaska, or Greenland or Siberia) it’s actually a piece of cake to eat butter or lard. The further south you go though it becomes impossible due to the climate.

  3. I’d do it for $20, unless we’re talking about cookie dough in preparation, when it’s just two sticks of butter and a bunch of sugar – I’d happily eat that for free (go ahead, I give you permission to try it next time you bake).

  4. … thats nothing i used to do that for kicks when i was a kid… now eating a block of lard or pot of dripping… thats a test

  5. funny thing is… i grew up in upstate new york, where everyone has a decent size of property (or so it seems), and once after doing donuts in an old car with a friend, he ate a whole stick of butter. the real kicker is that we were aomewhere around 12 years old.


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