How to be successful in the web industry

Continuing from my last post on this topic…

How to be successful in the web design and development industry:

  • Do great work.
  • Meet and talk to lots of people in the industry. Especially locally.
  • Always finish your projects.

Did I miss anything?

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  1. Another one that’s not really in this category but fits nevertheless is “change is good.” I might write more on this in the future at some point. In other words, never be afraid or hesitant to mix things up.

  2. Wow, that’s a good question. Here’s a couple of ideas:

    * Email people and ask them if they want to get lunch… if you’re far away from each other tentatively plan to meetup sometime when one of you is in the area.

    * Start a networking event. One guy in AZ started Creative Connect and a hundred people come every month and the only organization is the web site and emails that go out.

    * Collaborate on projects. Email people/call and tell them you’re looking for designers / developers / extra project coordinators for your overflow work and you’d like to see if they are interested / potentially a good fit.

    * Join local email discussion lists / or create one and spread the word. Then meet the people that join. Phoenix has which used to have events with hundreds and hundreds of people and this was in 1998. They eventually stopped the events because it was too much work to find large enough spaces.

  3. Oh another idea is you could create a event and see if anybody joins. Trouble is it isn’t free anymore. That’s why a Yahoo Group might be a good idea and just insert the right keywords.

  4. Great ideas. I use Macromedia User Group to meet with like minds though it’s been shrinking in members.

    I’m going to check out Thanks!

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