Two types of freelancers

There are two types of freelancers when it comes to projects:

  1. The type that realizes it’s about their reputation and if they don’t finish the job they don’t get paid. So they get it done.
  2. The type that expects to be paid / keep their money even if they fail and don’t get the project done. “Because I worked on it.”

Which are you?

Tornado prefers to work with the first type. Are there any other types? I’ve worked with a lot of people over the years and sadly a large number fit into personality #2.

5 responses to “Two types of freelancers”

  1. I definitely consider myself to be the first type…

    The only time I expect to be paid for an unfinished job is if the reason it was unfinished was due to someone else dropping the ball.

  2. What about the “in-between” type, the ones that finish the job a couple of weeks after the deadline?

    Although I am very annoyed with myself about being like this, I have to admit that this is the category I fall into. I did start working on this aspect, but it’s v v v hard to stop procrastinating and hitting the job with both barrels straight from the beginning. I tend to think that “there is enough time” only to realize that I’m 2 days from the deadline and I’m still fiddling with plugins and other “minors”… Having said that, “GTD”: has helped a lot in this respect… I am becoming more TO-DONE and less TO-BE-DONE.

    Btw, nice site guys. With a little work on those h2 nav headings, search form and Tornado logo (make it BW @ least), you can have a cracker here :P. (DON’T pick on my site because it’s Fall’04 design… and Winter’04 content…)

  3. I’m the third type. Tell me a sob story about your church finances, but be committed to writing quality content, and be relatively hands-off in the design process, and I’ll do your site for free. For me, it’s more about getting quality content on a site. I find it really hard to want to work for a client who doesn’t know what they want to say. So, I’m so blown away when I find one that does, I’m more likely to lower prices for them.

  4. Geri – You have a good point and I think you bring something up that we’re all guilty of at some point. Thanks for the comments about BrainFuel. Yeah, black and white might be a good idea for the Tornado icon. We’ll see. We’re also hoping to bring back the random header picture.

    Nathan – Good points. There is also quite a bit of fun in doing projects for free because you know the site will end up great (who knows what your friend might get otherwise) and no money pressure.

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