How often do you wash your car?

There are a lot of theory’s about how frequently people wash their cars. Some folks wash their cars a couple of times a year. Others perhaps once a year (if that). Then there is a third group who get their car washed at least once a month.

How about you?

9 responses to “How often do you wash your car?”

  1. I usually do it once every week or two — depending on the weather. I used to wash my car exclusively at one of these “big boy” car wash places, but now I’m doing it myself and rediscovering that there’s a certain enjoyment in washing one’s own car with a little soap and elbow grease.

  2. It’s really sad, but I don’t wash my car nearly enough. I used to try really hard and wash it about once every month, but lately it’s been every 3-4 mo at best. I did buy some of that spray on car wax stuff. I’m hoping to wash my car this Saturday and give it a try.

  3. I have a favorite car wash on the south side of Indianapolis. It’s the only one I’ll use, because I can pay $13 and have the carpets and seats vacuumed, the windows cleaned, the outside washed, and a shot of air freshener sprayed.

    While I don’t dislike washing the outside of the car, I loathe vacuuming it and climbing in the back seat of a two-door to clean the windows.

    In the winter here, cars get plastered with a crusty layer of road salt, and any time the temperature is at least a few degrees above freezing, I’ll run it through the cheap wash down at the gas station.

    But to answer your original question, once every month or two from spring through fall, then as able and/or necessary in winter.

  4. 4-5 times a year, and each time I vacuum and armourall the dash, etc. Then I spray new car scent. Magic.

  5. I usually wash my car when I have time to do it.. let’s say.. once a week. I really think it should be more often.

  6. I only wash the car if there’s scheduled to be at least three consecutive days of moisture free weather. If it’s winter, I try to wash the salt off the car as often as I can.

  7. I drive a really nice car and would love wash it at least once a month, probably once a fortnight. However we’re in level 3 water restrictions so all the “self-wash” places are unavailable, and you can only was your car with a bucket, and I posess neither bucket nor front-yard in which to wash, so it gets washed when I’m down in Coffs visiting the family 🙂 Once every 2 months maybe? Not often enough for me.

    I gotta go buy a bucket and sweet-talk the inlaws.

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