How many times have you moved?

How many times have you moved to a new house/apartment in your life?

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  1. Once, the christmas just gone – although techinally I still live there, so kinda 1/2 moved =D (parents split up).

  2. I am now 30 years old and i have moved 12+ times, covering 3 cities, 3 countries and 2 continents. I am tired.

  3. I have moved 15 times and I am thrity six…

    I end up not liking a place real soon after I’ve lived there. Most of the time it’s because of neighbors or crime or my job changed and the commute wasn’t the same. Happily, I’m finally a homeowner and work from one of my bedrooms, so maybe I can stop moving every year of my adult life…

  4. Since I was an independent adult of eighteen, 14 times, mostly within one city! (I am 26 now).

    While I lived with my parents, 9 times.

    Neither I or my family are in the miltary. Tired of being a renter, but I guess I have a subconcious desire to be able move out of the state or country if the right opportunity showed up.

  5. Our family had the worst luck with apartments so all combined, with my family was 13 times and 3 times on my own… 16 in total.

  6. Growing up i lived in Palm Springs, Mesa, Queen Creek, and Mesa. So that 4 places or 3 times moving i suppose.

    I moved out at 18 and got a place in tucson (1), got married (+1), lived in South Africa (+1), moved to Mesa again (+1) then bought a house in Globe (+1)

    So 5 places as an adult, and 9 in my life.

  7. I’m 33 and have moved at least 28 times, though I’m sure there are a few in there I’m missing. Fourteen of those while I was young and still living with my parents, and fourteen since I moved out on my own. All in the US, but in five different states, East coast to West.

  8. This poses an interesting discussion. Considering how many times a person changes locations, jobs, and homes, did he or she have a back up or go into the new living place without a backup? I know once my husband and I threw darts at the map and went there. It was the best jobs and living we had. But as young people with wings on our feet we took off.
    Now here is the big question…WHY are so many Katrina “victims” still out there wallowing in the pitiful “I need the hand out to get by” attitude?

  9. A total of 9 times (1 as a kid and 8 as an adult). I am now 35 and planning to move for the 10th time in June. This will be my 3rd move in 3 years. I am not military. I know I will have at least and 11th move because I want to eventually buy another house or two LOL

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