How Many Pills / Vitamins Do You Take A Day?

How many pills or vitamins do you take every day? I’ve known people who take zero, and heard of others taking up to 300 a day (absolutely amazing). So let’s hear from you! How many do you take?

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  1. ~14 a day.

    1 Multivit
    4 Fish oils (2 tablets 2 times a day)
    6 Creatine Ethyl-Ester (3 tablets 2 times a day)
    3 ZMA

  2. Do cigarettes, beer and pizza count as vitamins? Oh, in that case none then.

    Although, seriously, I hear a lot of that junk either doesn’t work, you don’t need it or it can even be bad for your health. All in moderation I guess…

  3. I take a multi-vitamin and Glucosamin, but typically not daily, cause I forget to take them… Maybe, there’s a vitamin to help with my memory 🙂

  4. 2 Cod Liver Oil Pills
    1 Mutli-Vitamin
    1 1000 mg Vitamin C (ester-C baby!)
    1 Cayenne Pepper pill (keeps phlegm at bay)

    Occasionally, I’ll take a charcoal pill to detox all of the shyte I eat/drink.

    OMG, I don’t think that until I wrote it down that I realized what I hypochondriac I am…

  5. I have a follow up question which I didn’t think to ask until now. Since we have a client that actually sells vitamins and supplements.

    How do you discover and decide to try a new brand of vitamins/supplements?

  6. I take the following-

    E- 200 IU
    C-500 MG
    A- 8,000 IU
    FOLIC ACID- 400
    “MILK THISTLE” Maintains healthy liver
    “ACIDOPHILUS” Helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract.
    15 Tablets “BENEFIBER” Maximum Amount Aloud Daily = 30 grams Fiber

    plus i eat right no ciggs,alcohol or caffeine-kinda boring i guess.

  7. I take six a day (I take the Xtend-Life male vitamin supplement). I also take about six to nine other supplement pills consisting of Bilberry for my eyes and three capsules of Bee Pollen. Total is about 15. I do notice a difference — especially when I take Bee Pollen. It’s a great supplement.


  8. I feel like I consume far too many!!!
    Zetia (cholesterol)
    Haazar (High BP)
    Nexium (heartburn)
    1 Mega Multi-vitamin
    3000 units Omega 3 (cholesterol)
    1000 mg Niaspan (niacin) for high cholesterol
    2 adult aspirin (counteracts side effects of Niaspan)
    3 oz Poga Moonga daily (overall health) See My Story
    for more information on this amazing health beverage.

  9. None at the moment.
    I’ve never noticed any difference in how I feel when I try different supplements, so I never continue taking them.

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