High five! When you miss the swing, it’s a bummer. Here’s how to do it.

It’s a bummer when you miss a high five. Have you ever raised your hand high to slap someone elses hand only to miss? It’s a fun way to celebrate a mutually beneficial event (for example, when you’ve just won the office lottery pool). I have and it’s akin to falling out of bed in the middle of the night or realizing you’re the only one without a glass when the best man toasts the couple at a wedding. And you sort of just raise your empty hand and let out a nervious laugh.

So here’s how I’ve learned to always succeed with the high five. I’m a certified expert in this area and so you can trust me here folks.

  1. First thing to do is say “all right!!” or some other congratulatory phrase and raise your hand to eye level, palm facing forward.
  2. Look the other person in the eye.
  3. At the point where your hand is raised hold it steady. Your companion will complete the effort and swing to “high five” your hand.
  4. By holding your hand steady, your companion has a better chance of meeting the mark. Otherwise two moving targets creates a difficult to hit target.
  5. That’s all (I figured a topic about high fives had to have five points to it).

4 responses to “High five! When you miss the swing, it’s a bummer. Here’s how to do it.”

  1. Been following this blog for a little while as a fellow AZ blogger but have never commented…

    Have you ever known an over-eager high-fiver?

    If you go have a beer with them, and hang out for an hour or so… they might attempt to give you a high-five several (3-5 times), over random silly things. Worst of all, things will get all weird if you refuse to give them a high-five, over something silly.

    This character would make a great Seinfeld, make that, Curb Your Enthusiasm, episode.

  2. I knew one of those people who always wanted to high five. She and I finally agreed on that one thing where you make your hands into fists and touch knuckle to knuckle. Is that like a gangsta move?

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