Have you had your fifteen minutes of fame?

It’s bound to happen at some point. Have you already had your fifteen minutes of fame?

5 responses to “Have you had your fifteen minutes of fame?”

  1. When I was 16, the local newspaper wrote a big write-up about me being this young home-schooled web designer making it big in the real world (complete with a big photo of me holding my laptop). A couple of people around town recognized me at the grocery store and what not after that, but the “recognition” kinda faded away pretty quickly. I still have the article somewhere I think.

  2. My wife and I got caught in a snow storm on the way to the hospital with our second baby. The both of us had to deliver her in the front seat of my car with nothing but the dome light of the car and some blankets. The ambulance & police only got to show up a few minutes after she was born and got us on our way….the news must have been slow that weekend cause the next Saturday there was a full-page article in the main paper, and we were getting calls from all over for interviews. Made the news on FOX, WB & NBC local news stations.

  3. Hah, I remember that, Jeff. I think you emailed me the newspaper clip or something. Funny stuff.

    My fifteen minutes of fame has not happened yet, that I am aware of. I have such a bad memory (see my previous post) that I can’t even remember if I’ve had it or not.

    Speaking of bad memories. It’s 1 am and I haven’t had dinner yet.

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