Have you ever spilled water on something valuable?

I haven’t, but I’ve come very close at times.

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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Oi vey! Our antique table!!…

Just this morning, my 5 year old spilled a full glass of water on the dining room table – she’s not allowed to have cups filled past 1/2 for that reason, she can always go back for more.
Anyway, she cleaned up as best a 5 year old can do, but lac…

Having too small kids, I am usually greatly relieved when it’s only water that has been spilled.

Rather, I prefer to leave my small valuables in a shirt or pants pocket and then forget about them until after the load of laundry has been done.

I didn’t necessarily spill the water, but… just shortly after moving to Italy, I was itching to use my computer productively to realize some ideas. Over the next 3 months, the water-cooling pipes in the computer burst 4 TIMES, taking 2 to 3 components to the grave every time.

After effectively purchasing 4 brand new high-end computers, and at my last wit’s end (and dollar), the problem was finally solved. Two days later, the internet service went out for 3 months… Water and I do not get along.

No, but I’ve had an entire large (16oz) glass of milk spilled on *me* while I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for my meal. I was wearing a (ugly) black leather jacket at the time which highlighted the white milk nicely. The poor waiter was mortified. I felt bad for him. All I could say was “was it something I said?”. I took it as a sign that it was time to ditch the jacket which I did.

My dad spilt a glass of water near my brand new macbookpro. I grabbed it quickly off the table. But some of it had got in the back. I held it upside down as water dripped out. Not much but a little.

I left it standing on its side overnight in a warm room. And in the morning it was fine.


Ironically, I spilt APPLE CIDER on my Apple ‘Pismo’ Powerbook back in the day. As expected, it freaked out, but only for a day! The next morning, I popped all of the keys out, wiped the thing down with a Clorox Cleansing Wipe as best I could, popped the keys back in and voila! Good as new if not better. Maybe the cider give it extra magical powers. That machine was awesome until I sold it to upgrade to a Titanium Powerbook and so on.

I have spilled glasses of water into my keyboard and on my mouse more times thatn I can count. Funny thing, though, it’s not often that this actually ruins them.

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