Have you ever punched someone?

One time I asked a friend if he had ever been shot and he said yes. So with that cleared up he went on to tell me his story about being shot in the leg once and then thrown out a bar by the biggest guy he had ever seen. I’m not sure how he got into the fight, because he wasn’t the biggest guy. Anyways, have you ever punched someone or been shot?

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  1. When I was in the 7th grade, I punched another 7th grader on a dare from a guy I was afraid of. After I hit him, he went into an asthma attack, coughing and wheezing all over the place. It scared me to death because I had never witnessed anything like that before. I remember him going after the inhaler in his backpack (this was all in the morning before school), but dropping it. I picked it up for him and apologized, and we became friends later that same afternoon.

    I went to work for a construction company after I finished high school. I was working as a carpenter / laborer on a Holiday Inn by the Astrodome (now Reliant Stadium). One day, one of the steel workers got fired quite publicy while onsite, for smoking dope, I think. Anyway, later on this particular day, the steelworkers and my group were up on the 12 floor tying down rebar in preparation for a concrete pour when the guy who was earlier fired, came back onsite with a sawed-off shotgun and started shooting at his former crew.

    He didn’t hit anyone and waasn’t aiming for me, but it was a little nerve racking to see everyone around me scattering to avoid getting shot by this maniac who was just spraying bullets at anyone he saw moving up there.

  2. I’ve never even broken a bone. I’m a pacifist and a wuss. I did get hit in the head with a baseball bat once though.

  3. Only inside a boxing ring ๐Ÿ™‚ The few fights I got into in high school, I don’t think I ever connected a punch. Obviously because I didn’t have huge gloves on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I used to get in fights at least once a year when I was a kid throughout (late) grade school and middle school. I think I jammed a couple kids up against lockers in high school, but that was about it. Nobody ever expected me to fight back when they picked on me as a kid, but they always laid off after they realized I went ballistic. I’d always throw punches like crazy until I got close enough to knee them in the balls. Trouble was that my family moved almost every year, so I had to keep proving myself to new groups of kids.

  5. Never been shot, or shot at, but have been in plenty of fights. They’ve always been over something lame, many times I didn’t even know what all the excitment was all about – never really knew why the fight started.

    I tried to stay out of them, but had friends who thought otherwise. Needless to say, I was usually pulled into a fight rather than starting one.

  6. Well i’m a seasoned vet. Ehem. I’ve been shot before. That’s right. You heard correct. I’ve been shot with a BB gun. lol

    It’s true, but i didn’t punch the guy. I’ve punched other people though and they punched back. Guess that’s what happens when a brother acts a fool.

  7. I never much cared for fighting, but periodically at various concerts I would find myself involved in a brawl or two. Never initiated them, but somehow I would find myself in the midst of some intense battle royales.

    As I grew older I realized the stupidity of fighting and how demoralizing it can be on the victim of an attack. After witnessing a particularly intense beating outside a pizza parlor in my home time. I vowed never again to stand idly by and watch someone else become a punching bag without trying to intervene and stop the fight before it begins.

  8. Only in training: that’s when I realized you never know where a fight can go.

    There was this guy who was never much of a heavy-hitter, and I always got the upper hand on. One time though, he got a light and lucky punch to my ribs, and I dropped like a ton of bricks. First-hand experience of the principle that where you hit is just as important as when.

    And also proof of what I heard from my teacher years later; ‘a fight is a combination of skill and luck, the more you have of one the less you need of the other.’ Couldn’t agree more.

  9. Punching: Twice in self defense, three times out of anger (one of which got me in trouble with the law) and countless times in competition tae kwon do (I also had my nose broken several times during this period). All before I turned 20.

    Shot: never, and I’ve never even held a gun.

    I’ve found that a street fight is easier than a competition fight, because there are no rules, and you really don’t care how bad you hurt the other guy.

  10. SHOT AT: Years ago, I was driving to a nightclub real late one night with a friend and we were both planning on ‘hooking-up’ with random skanks without our girlfriends ever finding out (It was a guys’ night out). About 3/4 of mile away from the club we were about to visit, two cars on either side of the road are having a gunfight while coming towards us (one car was on the opposite side, the other was in our lane headed towards my car). I panicked and stopped my car. My friend and I ducked down as bullets whizzed by us. The guy in the car that was in our lane, apparently got hit and his car jumped the curb and flew OVER my car just before impact and collided with the taxicab that was behind us. The driver of the car that jumped the curb was thrown through his windshield while the taxicab driver was knocked unconscious by his airbag. The other driver sped away. By the way, those two cars, my car and the taxicab were the only vehicles on this street.

    Meanwhile, my friend and I sat there dumbfounded for about 15 seconds before I said, “Uh, I think I just sh*t myself. We could’ve totally just died. I think this is an omen for us not to go and get any skanks tonight at that club.” My friend, without missing a beat said, “No it doesn’t. If you want to leave, fine, but drop me off at the club.” I did, and went home. A month later I proposed to my girlfriend who has been my wife for two happy years.

    PUNCHED: I had been repeatedly punched and teased as a kid, because like Forest Gump, I had to wear corrective leg braces for years as a result of being struck down by an El Camino when I was 6 years old. Kids can be mean and I got the worst of it. Retribution came when I couldn’t take it and bit the devil out of the ring leader on his groin area after he wrestled me to the ground and sat on my face. No one ever physically messed with me again, but they did call me sissy for biting in a fight. Anyway, that same bully was one of my groomsmen at my wedding in 2004 and to this day remains one of my best friends.

    What’s interesting about your twofold blog question for me is how related the answers are… and sorry for this ridiculously long post.

  11. SHOT or shot at never PUNCHED OR WAS PUNCHED yes
    I remember in middle school when the school bully (well grade bully) was picking on me he was the tallest kid in our grade an every one was afraid of him an kissed his ass if he wasnt bullying them, after months of torment and pain 1 day i fought back, i punched him multple times and the coward didnt hit back after that not him or his bully friends messed with me.

    no#1 RULE: size dosent matter when it comes to fighting tall small fat thin (although if ur muscley it helps) just hit out

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