Have you ever been the victim of a crime?

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve never met anyone who had ever been kidnapped. That’s probably a good thing. Once when I was 5 or 6 I was walking down the street with my sister and this old guy offered to give us free candy. Heh. He must’ve been surprised when we said no thanks.

A friend of mine from my previous job once told me about how he had been shot (that was a surprise). I’m telling you folks. You won’t hear the amazing stories if you don’t ask the crazy questions.

Have you ever been the victim of a crime? I bet you have a good story to tell! It’d be a crime if you don’t share! 😉

6 responses to “Have you ever been the victim of a crime?”

  1. When I was in 8th grade, I came home from school and found our entire house cleaned out by thieves. (Both my parents worked, so I was alone). Later on after the police had been there they told us they may have still been in the house and when I opened the garage door they cut through a screen window to get out. ..that’s about the most criminal act I can think of that happened to me.

  2. Not too long ago (a month or two ago), I walked out to my car and saw the back passenger window had been busted. Apparently the thieves wanted my radar detector, but when they reached into the car and flipped the door lock, the alarm went off and scared them away.

    I got rid of my radar detector. It’s sad. The only thing I miss about it, is the built-in digital compass.

  3. In college, a man broke into our apartment bedroom through the window while we were in the living room watching ‘A Bug’s Life’. We ran him down, and a friend who was proficient in Judo pinned him beautifully until the police came.

    I don’t think I will ever chase a criminal again.

  4. Once me and my wife came home to find our house picked over by a thief (or thieves). It was weird because we lived in the country at the dead end of a quiet road, in-between much nicer houses. I’m still not sure why that thief didn’t decide to go for my neighbors. They took all our CD, a couple of cheap stereos and – worst of all – our video camera with the only tape of our son’s first birthday.

    Oddly enough they passed over my Titanium Powerbook that was sitting in plain sight. Dumb thief.

  5. Though I have never myself been the victim of a crime, I have know many who have and actually came across a thread posted on a forum where members shared their stories.It is actually quite sad if you think about it.What we as humans sometimes do to each other is just awful.My heart went out to all these ppl.

    Read for yourself.


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