Have you earned your air today?

Friends often ask me that, and we tie it to productivity. If you’ve had a good day, the theory goes that you’ve earned your air. To take it a step further, I have a question for you…

What Does It Mean to Waste Time?

3 responses to “Have you earned your air today?”

  1. The problem with wasting time is that you don’t notice it in small amounts. Getting up late, fiddling around, messing about on the internet… they’re all great fun – esp. when you have something else to do.

    But how to translate those lost hours into some value for a person’s life? I guess if you’re on your deathbed and are shown a pie chart of all the hours you wasted like this, the results would be damning. And yet, what would you have done otherwise that Monday afternoon back in 2006?

    All this to say then, that ‘wasting time’ is a moot point for me. Life is life whichever way it presents itself.

    Sorry if this sounds nuts 😉

  2. Doesn’t sound nuts at all. I have a pewter keychain my wife gave me a few years ago with an inscription: “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” It always reminds me to stop stressing about my bottom line. What needs to get done will get done.

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