Happy 26th, Chris!

It’s Chris Tingom’s birthday today. Thanks for all the great content, Chris! Remember to look both ways before you cross the street, and keep an eye out for alpacas. They’re dangerous.

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  1. Wow! Thanks Andrew!

    This morning Tom called me up at around 9:30 and says Happy Birthday! Incidentially I was meeting with our favorite chocolate cookie bakery about their web site at that moment and they overheard Tom’s comment.

    Next thing I know I’m leaving the bakery with some cookies for my birthday. Yum!

    Unfortunately that’s when the good news ended as I had to cross the parking lot to find my car and a herd of wild alpacas came through and snatched several of the cookies out of my hand and ate them before I could catch them.

    There must have been five or six of them and they were going fast. There was a guy from McDonalds running after them with a clipboard yelling something about burgers. Whatever that was about.

    Thankfully however I did make it back to the office and had 3 cookies remaining which I could share.

  2. Well, then – Happy Birthday!

    I guess you can be forgiven now for not posting what has now become an online addication for me, the Caption Contest Friday photo.

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