Guest Author: Grilling is an art

It’s summertime and BrainFuel is happy to let you know about a new guest who will be posting some tips on grilling. Our new guest is Bob from Bob’s BBQ.

He’ll be posting occasionally about topics related to grilling, barbeque, and related food items. Of course, I’ll be posting his articles for him since he doesn’t have a computer so I have to type these up. What a pain. 🙂

So without further ado, I present Bob’s first post:

A long time ago Chris posted a link to an article about how to properly grill steaks and fish. That was a good article but wasn’t complete because it left out details about how to grill vegetables and potatoes as well as some information about proper grill temperature. More Grilling Tips by Robert K. Brown is a follow up article worth reading.

chicken wings chicken wingsNow, as the purveyor of a fine BBQ establishment I just had to say something here. Grilling potatoes isn’t a good idea unless you have a very low heat grill. Most people don’t.

Recommendation: Cook your potatoes in the oven for 55 – 60 minutes at 425 degrees. Then, after removing from the oven, smother in Bob’s BBQ sauce. It’s a creamy sauce only available at my BBQ joint. Top with some ribs or slow roasted beef (be sure to marinate) and you’ll have a delightful dinner.

Coming Next: Grilling in 115 degree heat. Do you even need a barbeque in Arizona? Using Wildfire to Grill Dinner.

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