Graphics Quality on Video Games

When will the graphics on video games equal and be difficult for the naked eye to distinguish from video pictures? Not HDTV or 3D, just video. Any guesses?

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  1. Generation after next. Next generation (by which I mean PS4, XBOX 450) will see players’ expectations exceed content generation budgets, and a rise in crude procedurely generated content, and *almost* enough triangles to look real (including true displacement maps), with some nurbs etc. The one after, will feature almost entirely procedural content, including hardware procedural geometry that needs no LOD modelling etc, and the phasing out of triangles for geometry.

    That’s my 2c anyways 🙂

  2. I dunno. That NBA 07 is pretty darn close to real. I was in a barber shop recently and didn’t realize that some of the off duuty barbers were playing it. I thought it was a real game until I paid real close attention.

  3. I say 2, maybe 3 more years. With 8x processors and external graphics cards and physics cards, it’s coming.

    Better question, how long until the computer out ranks the television for the main source of entertainment in most households?

  4. My naked eye can’t distinguish a video game from a hole in the ground. I am about as blind as it gets. If I take my glasses off, everything seems “real” because it’s all “really out of focus”.

  5. Our expectations of games’ video will always be led by the the best video available. With the current 1080p resolutions available, for graphics to become more realistic and similar to 1080p, IMHO, the video graphics will need to go past the 1080p. In other words, we need a four to ten fold development of graphic cards to reach that.

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