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Does anybody know why when you search Google for “www” it gives me results like Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and hundreds of other major corporations?? It’s really interesting to me and I wonder if this is who Google thinks is best?

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  1. Remember how Google ranks search results. The PageRank is determined by a slew of variables but the most important one is linkage. When you search for www (I would search on “http” or “com” since many links omit the mostly-superfluous www), the results are ranked according to the link popularity. In other words, it’s ordered by the number of times “www” (or “http” or “com”) appears in the link text or the URL of tags across the Web.

  2. It’s funny that a Google search for “http” pulls rival engine AltaVista up as the first result.

    In fact, AltaVista (and other SEs) are listed than Google itself in searches for “www” and “.com” as well.

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