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Ooohh nifty! I just found out that google maps has satellite imagery tied into it now. Check it out! Satellite view of Tornado Design’s office.

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  1. Nice use of Keyhole’s data for folks that don’t own the app.

    I guess it’s a good thing for people wanting to throw bombs through the window at Tornado that the location they have is about a block away from the actual office.

  2. Interestingly enough, I believe microsoft’s terraserver actually may have had the data before keyhole did. I couldn’t find any reference to keyhole on google maps. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

    If you notice, a lot of the imagery is older (by looking at landmarks around where I live).

    Supposedly the US government has spy satellites watching the whole globe and you can log into it and zoom in on any coordinate and watch it update like every second or something like that.

    A lot of companies like keyhole and terraserver actually used photos taken from aerial surveys with airplanes and they just stitched them together. Kinda odd…

    If you want some really good photos of your house from above taken via actual satellite, go to GlobeExplorer. They’re the ones who took those high quality before and after tsunami photos that everyone was talking about. And you know they have to be doing some kind of global recording for them to go back after the tsunami and save off those stills of the shorelines right when it hit…

  3. Yeah, our office is just up the street halfway and on the left side. The covered parking looks like a big white rectangle.

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