Google moving operations to Phoenix?

The Business Journal has the full story. Get set for an even hotter job market folks. It’s the 90s all over again.

Top Google executive were recently in the Valley for high-level meetings, according to sources.

It is unclear, however, where Google will be landing its Valley tech operations. Some sources indicate that it will likely be Tempe but others say the company may also be looking at locations in other cities, including Scottsdale.

There is also no indication of how many jobs will be involved in the deal, but sources say the number will be substantial.

Gov. Janet Napolitano’s office and economic development officials at the state and local levels declined to comment on the matter.

Google officials did not respond to request for comment.

The move is a huge development for the state’s technology sector.

13 responses to “Google moving operations to Phoenix?”

  1. Wow Chris, that’s cool! The good thing about these type moves is that it not only brings jobs, but also brings loads of opportunities for local small businesses / consultants such as yourself.

  2. Yeah, I know. You might have also noticed the article hinted at eBay and Yahoo! having operations here. I knew about eBay but not Yahoo! There are a couple of other big names in town and they are mostly sucking up the developers.

  3. Wow. that is HUGE news if they actually come. Makes sense, considering the cost of living in silicon valley, even though housing prices are going up here. Looks like our housing prices won’t stop until they at least double over the current ridiculous.

  4. I’m sure they chose Phoenix because it is so close to LA. That’s got to be the reason. Either way it’s a big win for the tech councils that have been hankering to get a tech boom going here in Phoenix.

    I’m curious to read some AZIPA posts in the morning. See what people are saying.

  5. Yeah, here we go. Ebay’s been sucking brain power away from small development shops and start-ups for about 3 months now and here comes Google? It’s going to be like Nike and Adidas up in Beaverton where all the employees keep bouncing back and forth and all over the place. Fun times. Go AZ.

  6. It says that there’ll be development and support jobs. I looked over their engineering positions (hey, who wouldn’t want to work at Google) but they were for decidedly unsexy billing applications work and were for Java or Python development. Too bad.

  7. Hey Bill, that’s really cool. So when does the app you’re working on come out? I’ve been reading your posts about your work and it sounds awesome. I can’t even guess what the app is you’re working on.

  8. If you can believe it, Google moved in right across from our office at the 24th & Camelback building! I’m sure it’s just a temporary location, but it’s funny to see their Google swagger. They all look pretty edgy too (e.g. one girl has fire-red hair and always wears pumps)

  9. I’m not really sure when it’s supposed to be deployed. We’re getting really close to RFPT (Ready For Prime Time) but not quite there. I can’t wait for it to be out so I can discuss it because it’s definitely the app I’m most proud to be a part of.

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