Go Daddy releases Quick Blog

Go Daddy has just released Quick Blog. It comes free with new domain purchases or you can buy it on a monthly basis as a hosted service. Bill Brown worked on the project at his job at Go Daddy and has some interesting comments about it on his blog.

I find it interesting how Go Daddy doesn’t appear to be paying much attention to creating user friendly URLs. Unlike Google which creates either a subdomain or a full domain name for each new project Go Daddy barely tries. They just slap up a page using their templates and hope for the best. I certainly won’t be able to remember the address godaddy.com/gdshop/blog/landing.asp, will you? I guess it’s working though — they’re the #1 new domain registrar.

6 responses to “Go Daddy releases Quick Blog”

  1. Zing. At least you’re not talking about Quick Blog itself’s URLs. I took great care in crafting those babies so that they’re hackable if you know the basic syntax.

  2. I bought Quick Blog in a package from Go Daddy. I had to erase the entire blog for a while because Steve Grimaud is my ex-husband – he works for the Department of Defense – and he’s a deadbeat dad. The Dept. of Defense was stonewalling me for years, never giving me information about him – turns out he has a top secret clearance and he was appointed the Director of Operations for a big agency in DC, and he reports to the Oval Office. And he’s the biggest deadbeat liar on the planet. So I finally out of frustration, bought his domaine name and put up a blog on him. I met with DOD after that, and agreed to stop talking about him while they cleared it up. I caught the DOD with their pants down – this is a really embarrassing incident for them – the ex-wife shows up after 30 years and accuses a Homeland Security officer in DC of being a deadbeat – You cannot have a security clearance and be a deadbeat- that’s what the problem is- if they try to stonewall me again, I’m going back into the blog and make it much worse for everybody. It’s a bit like Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife taking out his domaine name and blogging on it. While I was trying to do some draft blogging – I couldn’t figure out how to log into quick blog – where’s the link – I can’t find the login page – where is it? Can you please send me a link to your login page? Then tell Go Daddy to make it much more visible so people can find it to log in. All you get when you click on quick blog is a sales ad to buy it. The actual log in page is lost somewhere.

  3. Dave K: Who talks like that in the 21st Century? Who uses language like that? By the way, Yeats, there’s no comma between spiteful and bitter. You need to retake your Junior College remedial English class.

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