Give Us Your Best Impersonation

We’re going to have a contest! Give us your best impersonation of someone famous. We’re looking for witty dialog, or lines straight out of movies in the characters voice. Ideas: You can impersonate Yoda, or Arnold schwarzenegger, or anyone. You decide.

We’ll post all of the submissions here on BrainFuel and allow everyone to vote for the winner.

Recording Options
If you have a headset with a mic, you can record using Audacity and save and email your submission to us. Send your file to cmt at as an mp3 file. Thank you! If you don’t have a mic please call our office phone number at night (when nobody will pick up) and record your impersonation. That number is (602) 945-5653. We will capture the audio from there. Please be sure to leave your name.

Nominations are due Saturday, Sept 1st at 12 pm, MST. I’ll post the nominations next Monday.

6 responses to “Give Us Your Best Impersonation”

  1. I am former TV STAR but nowhEre now. PLAyed gender oppoSIte my actuAL GEnder for years, groundbreakINg edgY work & what thanks I get treated like a DOG. sorry cANNot pLAAAce call for uplOading. MY NOse hits 2keys at once on phone & even w/ operatoor all she hears IS woof woof woof

    must run Timmy wandered out of Senior Center, has fallen down the damn well again

    Yr fan


    (P.S. I just now discovered your site, and it’s as informative as it is delightful. So glad to know you’re out there! Regards, Laurie [Laurie Morrow, Ph.D.])

  2. ” ”

    This has been an impersonation of a deaf, mute, quadrapelegic girl happily drinking a vanilla milkshake.

    By the way, she appreciates the openness of the competition in allowing such an impersonation to qualify. 🙂 Kudos for equal opportunities.

  3. […] Get your best impersonation in by tomorrow, otherwise you’ll miss out on our contest. We have some great entries from Kent and Tom (both of Yoda). Check back soon and leave your best impersonation. […]

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