Giugiaro Mustang

My friend Gary sent me this link with some amazing photos of a Giugiaro Mustang. You must see these. Check out how they used cowhide for the fabric. It’s even used on the floor boards. Amazing stuff.

In other news, 37signals pointed us to Cartype, a sweet site that has logos for car companies. The page of Fiat logos is an excellent example of the depth this site goes into.

4 responses to “Giugiaro Mustang”

  1. Yes, it is beautiful. But it doesn’t impress me. What would impress me is if it got 75 miles to the gallon. The automobile industry in this country is still thinking with their dicks (sorry for the language but it’s the best description). Please start thinking about making cars that are sexy, go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and don’t kill the planet in the process. I know that’s not possible now, but at least we should be pointed in that direction.

  2. That’s freakin awesome. No way they could ever make that a production car (I know that this is a modded 05 stang) Look at all that glass! The thing does not have a roof!

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