Pictures of Giant Bells And People Under Them

Giant bell in Nara, Japan. Source.

Vladimir Putin at the Bell in the Russian Monastery of Panteleimon, Athos. Source.

Enormous Russian Tsar Bell (broke before it could ever be used). Source.

The Great Mingun Bell. Source.

The Great Sunken Bell of Dhammazedi. Source.

3 responses to “Pictures of Giant Bells And People Under Them”

  1. Very cool. I think having a giant bell would definitely be an asset to any home owner.

  2. I have a picture of my oldest daughter with her hand on the Liberty Bell. This was about 18 years ago and the little booger (at that time) reached over the roped off Bell and put her hand on it. The rope was so close to the Bell at that time that any could’ve reached over and touched it though you weren’t supposed to. We did snap the photo though.

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