G Class Mercedes Benz

Since I just posted my least favorite SUV I figured I ought to post my current favorite SUV which is the Mercedes-Benz G Class. It is being discontinued from what I understand although I’m not 100% sure about that fact as the vehicle is still shown on the MB site. Even better, this Answers.com article suggests that a new model will be released in 2007. Hmmm. Interesting.

For some reason even though it was first designed in 1979 I think this design works really well even today. Amazing design. Thoughts?

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  1. If you check out the mbusa.com site under the future models tab, you’ll see what’s in store for your favorite SUV. It’s a pretty dramatic change.

  2. I love the mercedes g class. it is my favorite car. i would die if it was discontinued. It is the only real SUV on the market. They gust got rid if the H1.. what will i buy now.

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