Funny things I’ve said to people lately

“Clams are tasty but it’s not one of those things you wake up in the morning and say ‘Boy I wish I had a bowl of clams to eat right now!’” – The next day remembering my Italian dinner at Prontos.

“Check it out!!! I’m Mr. Incredible!” – Showing my friend my new buddy icon on AIM.

“I think web designers should be paid like sports professionals.”

“You can’t save earth.” – To my dad when explaining that you don’t need to save settings when exiting Google Earth.

“All of the hurricane refugees must be sports nuts” – Thinking about the fact that they’re staying in multiple stadiums.

“You wanna hear a bad company name for a software firm? Stone Age Software.”

“For the bus and everyone on it.” – me and a friend gabbering about how we should make an iPod that’s the size of a laptop and uses swappable regular hard drives.

“What is it about Alpalca farms? They’re popping up everywhere!”

“Whales have a very weird sense of humor.”

“Mole Power To You” – During a game of volleyball against the Gophers (I was on the Mole team which won I might add)

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5 responses to “Funny things I’ve said to people lately”

  1. What is it with Alpaca farms anyway? Like, there are about four surrounding my house. Agh! And the Alpacas keep breaking into the house and eating up my Raisin Bran.

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