Funny things people have said to me lately

“I think I broke the scale.” – An odd comment from someone indeed!!

“Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.” – Not sure what the topic was here!

“Well, it’s better to have feast than famine” – Yeah, unless you’re having feast AND famine.

“I feel burnt out, just looking at it.” – Someone commenting on a design I had shown them.

“In your own words describe…” – My first thought was, what is he expecting, me to quote Shakespear? Of course I’m going to use my own words. Who’s would I use besides mine?

“I’m cranking out some good, semantic html right now.” – Andrew when I asked him about progress on a project we were working on.

“Man whoever did the specification for this site did a terrible job.” – A developer commenting on his own specification and sadly not realizing it. (Ok, so maybe this wasn’t funny but the irony in it is funny)

“So, have the plans for our space ship been finished yet?” – A friend chatting with me. I responded by saying “Maybe we should just build it. This planning is overrated.”

“It’s sorta like 1800’s retro.” – A friend commenting on the new A List Apart web site design.

“I’m going to go home and drink 14 Red Bulls and stay up all night long!!” – Someone in the office thinking about how much work he had to do.

“That’s one reason ADD is helpful to me.” – A business owner telling me about how he runs his business.

“You know you’ve reached a certain pinnacle of success when people can blow their nose on your product.” – A crazy successful entrepreneur after showing a group of wildly creative people his product line and one of the items which was tissue.

“This whole conversation has been like soup. Warm soup.” – Someone trying to explain a warm fuzzy feeling after a group pizza / work meeting.

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  1. Actually 2 red bulls is enough to make you stay up all night. I once drank two without thinking about it and I was all hyperactive until 4 AM.

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