Full potential

Question: In your job, do you feel like you’re using or being used to your full potential? I think this question applies whether you work for yourself or you have a full time gig.

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  1. I feel like I am. I quite my “real” job to do freelance so that I could the exact things I want with my own ideas. I plan my days. I decide what work I do/don’t do. I decide what to use all of my potential on.

  2. I defintely feel that I am held back and underused, and any great ideas I had were immediately put off because they didn’t jive with management. And that’s what’s finally driving me to leaving the 9-5 to try the freelance world for a bit and see if I can make it work.

  3. yes. We founded Grid7 and are juggling paying consulting work and working on our own structured blogging vision when time permits. It’s lean, mean and scary and everyday is an adventure – completely the opposite of working for THE MAN. I recommend it to anyone who is languishing in a corporate job.


  4. Is it really possible for a creative individual, as opposed to a machine of some sort, to really reach full potential? Potential is limitless in the human arena. The better question is are your current capabilities being best utilized?

  5. I agree with Mark (from lightpierce), full potential? However, I do feel that I am where God wants me. I enjoy what I do.

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