Frog Physics

For all of you creative people out there who have ever delved into Macromedia Flash, here’s a fun little toy that I made this morning . A bunch of objects are created (Frogs, in this case. You specify the number), and they start hopping around randomly. Click and drag on one to move it to a different spot. Be sure not to create too many frogs or else your computer will really slow down! I didn’t dare creating over 300.
The source code is also available for download.

3 responses to “Frog Physics”

  1. ok I take it back. My computer was able to do 500 without locking up. pretty close though! haha!

  2. Great application! I cant tell you how much billable time I spent making frogs jump…….but hey, it diverted me from the drag a letter flash application from a few weeks ago. =)

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