Free FTP- Oh my, Oh me!

Got a Mac? Need an FTP program? Do you like Transmit, but are too cheap to buy it?

Tada: the solution! Cyberduck is a great, free, open-source FTP client for OS X. Works great, and along with Text Wrangler it becomes even better.



2 responses to “Free FTP- Oh my, Oh me!”

  1. The only problem with CyberDuck is that it sucks hard. Transmit is incredible, though I haven’t paid for it yet. If you’re too cheap to pay for great software, try RBrowser Lite. It’s quite a decent, mature FTP client and it actually works.

  2. I could never really get used to RBrowser Lite. IMO, the interface was cluttered and overall, it annoyed me.
    Cyberduck works great for me, I don’t really see anything wrong with it, although, it would be nice if it had column view. (Apparently the developer is working on that). But you can’t beat the price!

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