FoxTrot on The Ultimate Web Page

Why is the term “Web Page” still used? I have hated that term ever since it was invented. Anyways, here’s a fun FoxTrot.

3 responses to “FoxTrot on The Ultimate Web Page”

  1. ‘Web Page’ does seem rather ancient.

    I don’t even like the term ‘Web Designer’ anymore because every Joe Schmoe on the planet thinks that because he’s got a MySpace page that he customized, that he knows how to design for the web. Schmuck.

  2. If someone asks for a web page give them one. Create one page with a bit of info on it. If they ask why there aren’t any pages, remind them that they asked for a web ‘page’.

    What they would be hoping for would be a ‘web site’ but i still think this term is a little dated. Possibly refering to a site on the internet could be similar to refering to real world property and therefore ‘web sites’ could be called ‘online properties’.

    Then instead of being a ‘web designer’ one could be called an ‘online design consultant’ and a ‘web developer’ could be called an ‘online property manager’.

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