Flash Toys Made By Thomas Chapin

I was digging through some of my old flash gadgets and programming experiments and I decided to post some of them online. I hope you find them entertaining! Let me know what you think!

  • Multi-player Refrigerator Magnets! (supports to 20 people at the same time!)
  • TommyChapin.com Logo Particle System (disrupt logo with mouse after it’s loaded)
  • Contained Particle System
  • Repulsion Particle System (resize browser window and drag particles to see effect)
  • Elastic Frogs! (try 500!)
  • Elastic Flash Menu (and here)
  • Fun Photo Masking Effect
  • 180 Degree Panoramic of Grand Canyon (photo)
  • MySpace XML Profile Scraper (written in PHP)
  • Flash Based RSS Reader
  • Reverse Phone Lookup (open-source, written in python)

3 responses to “Flash Toys Made By Thomas Chapin”

  1. Great reference to the reverse phone lookup tool. I checked it out and don’t know if there’s a “better/ best” reverse cell phone lookup tool on the market…

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