Fit President

The President works out 6 days a week. If he can do it, there’s absolutely no excuse for the rest of America not to be at the gym every single day! I can’t imagine anybody more busy than the President and yet he still works out nearly every day. So inspiring!

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  1. I’ve heard this before but the President doesn’t have to take care of kids, run errands, etc. He can set his agenda and tell other world leaders that he needs an hour to go for a run. Ever try that with your boss at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday? The president can.

    I think the goal is to find a way to fit exercise into your daily activities — get a jogging stroller and go for a run, replace elevator riding with stair climbing during the work day, and finding a way to ride a bike to work instead of driving. These obviously don’t work for everyone but the idea remains the same — there is probably some way to fit in aerobic exercise into your week. Even doing pushups at night during the commercials of TV programs — it’s possible.

  2. He also lives over his workplace so there’s no commute, he has people taking care of all of his day to day nitty gritty chores like dishes, food prep, laundry, etc… All he has to do is get up, walk down to the White House gym, work out for a half hour to an hour, walk back upstairs, shower, dress himself in the clothes that the valet set out for him, eat the food the Navy steward set out for him and then walk down a flight of stairs to his office where his secretaries have all of his day’s work organized for him. Not to mention his staff that’s been up since 4AM (as well as those who do shift work and work through the night).

    Yeah, I’d work out daily too if everything was taken care of for me.

  3. The president can do lots of things i cant. Like deploy armies, Sway world leaders, and influence the economy…and exercise 6 time a week.

    If i use math then i can deduce that if his abilities are 100x more difficult for me to do than him. Then a 6 hours of working out per week / 100x difficulty gives me the ability to .06 the exercise that he does. Putting me at a highly inspirational 6 minutes of working out per week. I dont work out but i do walk to work and things like that. Considering that I probably spend an hour or two walking per week then I would say that I am the one that is inspirational.

    Next Blog: Austin Baker- Inspiration of the week. Working out 20x that of his presidential quota.

  4. Rather than running after weapons of mass destruction six days a week, if we could get him to wrestle with a few weapons of math instruction we might actually have a useful leader.

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