“If I miss the meeting you can have my firstborn.”

It was an awkward moment when my client said that. He had missed two previously scheduled meetings and I was berating him for his apparent lack of respect for my schedule even after I had confirmed the meetings the same day they were to happen. Then he throws this bomb into the conversation.

“Huh? You’re firstborn?”

Good thing he doesn’t have kids.

6 responses to “Firstborn”

  1. I had a client like that once. He never said anything like that, but his lack of respect for my schedule and his ego was about the same. He was (is) a nice enough guy, but honestly, I’m sorry I wasted hours of my life accomodating him as a client. He paid well enough, albiet typically always late with some excuse or another, but I was never so glad to be done with someone when it was finished.

    Sounds like this dude is similiar. I’d be wary of that, seriously.

  2. Yeah, it was one of those situations where I was about to fire this client because of this person and then he quit his job. It happened two or three years ago so it’s long gone. I just thought of it today for some reason.

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