First Signs of a Google Crash?

Is there any stopping Google? Will the days of Google dominating the search market ever end? What does the future hold? I fear that Google might be getting to an overvalued place. I mean, think about it. The only way they make money in a big way is through clicks on ads. And a huge percentage of those clicks come through ads sitting on web sites just like this one.

For all of the ad campaigns we manage for our clients we don’t place ads on content networks (and believe me, content network is ‘codeword’ for blogs). I made this decision because I knew the ads would be appearing out of context (despite the best claims from the ad networks).

What happens when the general advertisers wake up to this fact and decide to change?

So do you think Google will eventually crash? Maybe slow down? They do have a tremendous product but they’re not the only players and I wonder when their heads will get too big and people will start to notice the cool things happening at Yahoo!

What do you think?

And Google is now considered to be worth more than Coca-Cola according to this article from Bloomberg.

Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) — Google Inc. approached $100 billion in market value and analysts rushed to raise heir price estimates after the company’s results soared past the most optimistic of expectations.

Analysts at three firms including Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. said the stock may climb to $450 from today’s record close of $339.90. At that price, Google would have a value more than double that of Yahoo! Inc. and vault into the top 20 largest U.S. companies, worth more than Coca-Cola Co. and Wells Fargo & Co.

Then theres this series of blog posts outlining how far ahead Google really is.

6 responses to “First Signs of a Google Crash?”

  1. Yeah, Google has a great service but like the dot com crash they may be heading for the brick wall that is the “non-existant business model of the web” pretty fast. Maybe that’s why they’re diversifying and getting into all sorts of other products. Who knows. What you could do to stem the tide is to stop writing posts exposing the ruse! 😉

  2. I think that this is just forshadowing the future and that Googles devicities will lead to their domination in anything tech. Maybe even the next microsoft like empire, but one more geared towards better experience to the user then the profit margins.

  3. the recent datacentre updates (still in progress) will do little to help googles profile – i think the next big search engine will ley you simply decide what type of site you’re looking for i.e. research/academic, service, product, online shop because the biggest bugbare is searching to buy a product and getting nothing but research or link directory websites.

  4. I think everybody is on the IPO buzz right now and Google will come back down to reality soon enough. I don’t think it will be a crash but just a leveling out.

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