Finger length correlation with math and verbal skills

Here’s an interesting study.

In a study of 75 children between the ages of 6 and 7 years old, researchers found that finger length correlated with how well the children performed on standardized tests of math and verbal skills.

Specifically, boys whose index fingers were short compared with their ring fingers tended to excel at numbers and girls with index and ring fingers of similar length tended to do better on the verbal portion of the test.

2 responses to “Finger length correlation with math and verbal skills”

  1. I watched a thing along these lines done by the bbc a year ago or so. It was trying to identify differences between men and women scientifically. Apparently finger length is directly connected to testosterone in the womb. So theoretically a person with a larger difference between the first two fingers would be more athletic (in the thing i watched). It was an interesting study.

  2. I guess I’m too dumb to even begin wondering if fingers have anything to do with math and verbal skills. Who thinks up this stuff?

    Oh yeah, I have long fingers. Diagnose me, doc.

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