Would you call yourself an entrepreneur?

7 responses to “Entrepreneur?”

  1. Yes, I am self employed, have multiple streams of income (which i have created myself), am part of multiple start-ups, and will be starting a couple more companies this year.

    I guess i just find it a lot of fun, and one hell of a challenge to take an idea/concept and grow it into a profitable business.

  2. I would consider myself an entrepreneur. My rationale is that I left a well paying, stable position to establish a new venture. I have no safety net, other than hard work and being customer centric.

  3. Everyone has their own definition for this one, so an entrepreneur is:

    A person who sees an opportunity in the market, gathers resources and creates and grows a business venture to satisfy these needs. He/she takes the risk of the venture and is rewarded with profit if it succeeds.

    So if you do all those things then you are…

    Myself… yeah… its the if it succeeds that I am working at now.

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