Ending the day with some vanilla wafers

Well it’s now about 10 pm and we’ve just wrapped up dinner here at Tornado. Tonight on the menu was a spectacular 12″ Italian BMT from our friends at Subway. They have some fabulous sandwiches. But I wouldn’t know, the only thing I ever get is the Italian BMT.

We’re really cheap and buy a 12″ sandwich, and then we take it back to the office and split it in half. It must save us about $0.20 and it feels great. We even ask for “lots of olives” which works a lot better than any other tactic for getting Subway to put more food on the sandwich.

We’re wrapping up the evening by enjoying some of those great vanilla wafers. I was too cheap to buy the Nilla Wafer brand, and got the store brand instead. We’re convinced they’re the same as the Nilla Wafer, but they’re the rejects. A lot of them have imperfect shapes. You’d have to be really picky to argue with that! I must have saved at least $0.25 buying store brand.

Before I go, I had to let you know about some amazing paintings. Check it out. Now that I’ve totally ruined your evening, I hope you have a great one!

7 responses to “Ending the day with some vanilla wafers”

  1. Wow, the Italian BMT is the only one I ever get as well, that sandwich rocks. I forget the bread though, it’s been a while since my last visit.

    The Star Wars paintings are amazing! That’s what irks me about folks who say a particular movie “sucks”. In my mind, it really takes away from the talent that is apparent in the behind the scenes stuff like this.

  2. What’s the beef with Subway? For a quick down and out lunch, I think it’s fine.

    Better than alot of other choices out there in the same market.

  3. I love Subway. A few weeks ago I experimented at a local sub sandwich place and paid way too much for a sandwich and couldn’t customize it. That might have worked at one point, but local businesses need to compete with the big boys.

  4. Subway isn’t that bad if the only other choices are McD’s, Burger King, etc.
    Unfortunately all the good mom and pop sub shops with real good quality meats and breads are slowly going away because of the goliath advertising Jared and Subway are doing.
    If it was a mom and pop deli Vs. Subway I’d definately hit the deli first.

  5. Subway is awful. You can get a better sub at the deli counter of a major supermarket. All the meat and toppings at Subway are overprocessed and pre-bagged before they get to the store. Then you got some high school kid picking his nose and fingering your meat. I’ll pass

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