Egg Shells

You know what drives me crazy? When people make eggs and instead of throwing the egg shells in the trash, they put them right back in the egg carton.

What kind of a person are you? Do you throw the egg shell away or do you put it in the carton again?

10 responses to “Egg Shells”

  1. Throw them away 😉

    But there is always an exception: Throw them away UNLESS you are going to use the whole carton, if that is the case then sure stash them back in the box before you bin it.

  2. People would actually return them to the carton when they’re not throwing it away? Doesn’t that seem completely unsafe, never mind yucky?

  3. Putting the egg shells back into the carton is wak. If you do this i suggest going to your doctor and getting a recommendation for a good shrink.

    There is someone in my household that seems to think that it’s ok to eat the last thing off a plate or packet in the fridge and leave the empty packet or plate in the fridge. That’s gotta be some form of psychosis.

  4. yeah, id never seen it either till my gf did it, it does seem kind of messy and just odd to me. I like to dry them and crush them, and then ill sprinkle them on the lawn or garden.

  5. I just want to know if it is all right to eat egg shells as a way to increase calcium in my body…And how to prepare them.

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