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Early bird gets the worm… Always true?

Is this true? Does waking up early equate to more *cough* success in life or can a night owl have just as many worms?

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  1. I think the early bird has more chances since most people work a 9 -5 schedule. So the person who is awake early has a better chance to meet with people.

  2. Well that depends on whether you’re a sparrow hunting worms, or an owl hunting rabbits. I prefer to think of myself as the second.

    No, but more seriously, I’m usually most productive in the evenings.

    I went to bed around midnight or later, almost every day for an entire year.

  3. I tend to get a lot more stuff done when I show up at work say around 8am with my cup of coffee, than 10am and then I stay up late. Well, I stay late anyway but I get tired after 6pm.

    BTW, one of my business partners always says that, lol.


  4. Martin: We should get lunch sometime. I’ve seen your site a couple of times over the years. I know I have posted at least one of your other sites besides the law firm. It was a travel site if I remember.

  5. I just found this site (the blog) and been spending a lot of time here! Excellent site reviews, and a lot of inspiration from those, and you’re local so thats a big plus!

  6. in my situation being the time zone diffences i usually wok at night and generate the same amount of customers.