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This is interesting. I just found an open-source “content management system.”
It’s got a lot of features, including a blogging package. Not bad.

Oh, and by the way, the mushroom header is getting kinda old (so old that the mushroom might possibly grow mold). I’ll have to change it sometime soon—or better yet, you guys should change it. I’ll have to post the Photoshop document sometime and have everyone come up with a good photo for it.


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  1. how about a random image generator for the image. Everyone can submit photos (with approval of course ;)) and they’ll dynamically load.

    ..just a thought.


  2. There are a lot of open source CMSs available. For a neat way to learn more about them and “try before you buy” (or in this case, “try before you download and install”), goto

  3. I attempted to set up an image rotator while I was still working on the site, but, unfortunately, I could never get it to work. I tried to make this work, but I could never get it to yeild results.