Dream Car?

If you could have any kind of car you wanted, what would you drive?

22 responses to “Dream Car?”

  1. A fun car. A classic convertible. and then on other days the need for towing sailboats might demand a different vehicle.

  2. A fully restored ’69 Chevy Camaro. I like the classic muscle cars. The future Dodge Challenger and Camaro look nice as well.

  3. Hmmm…there was a show on cable last night (the science channel?) on the outragrously cool “ultimate cars” most of them werent by the major manaufacturers, but more from futurists and bioenergy engineers and the like — really cool. One car had the fung shui thing going, right down to a contained waterway running down the center interior.

    To answer your question though — my ultimate dream car would take the form of whatever I needed at the moment — kinda like the wonder twins.

    Of actual dream cars, I dont think it ever got any better than the Porsche Carrera. That has to be the most beautiful sculpture in the form of an automobile — ever. However, the ’69 Camaro would be right in there too

  4. This is a question i have thought about a lot. Sometimes I even think about the business cars I would buy if i made a bunch of money. I think if I didn’t have an ethical problem with spending a fortune on a car i would buy a Porche 911 turbo. Edmunds.com has a review of the latest one. They just seem like a great car to have.

    With a budget I would probably get a WRX STI or a 350z. And on more of a budget I would buy the last model Miata (not the current one)

    We were bored a few weeks back and I did this. The box-seven boxster seemed fitting.

  5. For a daily driver, it would be the Tesla Roadster – 0 emissions, 0 gallons of fuel, 0-60 in under 4 seconds.

    For the track, it would be the new Nissan GT-R – Godzilla reborn.

    And if money and laws were not an issue, it would be a bonafide F1 race car.

  6. I can’t answer that without driving every car available. I could pick the McLaren F1, but I might not fit in it. I could pick a Ferrari, but I might not be able to afford the insurance or secure storage. When I went motorcycle shopping I tried out at least a half-dozen bikes and picked the one that fit me the best. And I’m not just talking about ergonomics, I’m talking aesthetics, performance and price.

  7. Edmunds.com has two videos of the new GT-R on infineon and on the streets of Cali. I agree that a car is only as nice as its ability to drive. And you never know until you drive it.

    Same thing with motorcycles. I have ridden quite a few bikes when i was looking for a new bike, and rather than going with one that was just plain fast i went with the bike that was the funnest to ride (SV650)

  8. for a classic a mercury cougar 1969 softtop, for a contemporary the new xB 2008 or the bxy version 2007

  9. I would get a really old army jeep. I would want it to be painted in the basic, flat olive green with the big star on the hood. I would drive “the general” everyday. I know it isn’t the most original idea but I love it!

    Has anyone else seen the guy driving around Phoenix in something similar? I am sure you would have seen the mannequins in the back dressed in military clothes. What a setup!

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