Has this ever happened to you?

So this morning I wake up and do my normal routine before heading in to the office. On the way to work I say to myself “you know, a nice cafe vanilla would be a great way to start the day.” So I stop at a Coffee Bean (one of my favorite places) to get my coffee.

So I go in and I order my drink and all the while the barista is looking at me like I just walked out of a snowstorm. I didn’t think anything of it at the time thinking she was just odd. So then minutes later I see my reflection in a mirror and low and behold I have dried shaving cream all over my chin. Ugh.

I’m just glad I noticed it before walking into a meeting with a client. Can you imagine the horror? I suppose, if anything, it would be a nice icebreaker.

Ok, on to some sites:

There’s some seriously awesome Flash work going on in this site called HybridWorks. Beyond simple Flash animation, this site is seriously fun to play with. I found the animation seriously beyond what you typically see on a web site these days.

Mark posted this site for British firm SICL (short for Systems Integration & Cabling Limited). I thought the design was excellent. Very unique and a strong color combination.

Oh, if you’re interested in politics, and you’re up for some good discussion, Don (our esteemed and highly valued developer) runs a blog called Political Pundit. This month, and running up to the November Presidential elections, he has a class of students from his college class posting regularily. It ensures a wild discussion about political happenings almost every day.

One response to “Has this ever happened to you?”

  1. Deep belly laughs from me… seriously i always check myself before going out of my front door because ive had the (batman joker stylee) extended toothpaste grin lines before now 🙂

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