Download files at 50mbps and you could be awesome

Would you ever be able to justify using a 50mbps download speed connection? You would be able to download 24 hours worth of music in about 8 minutes at that speed. That’s amazing. Is it really necessary though? What’s too-fast?

There’s some good discussion and a good post about this topic up at Om Malik’s web site. Most of the comments fall around the topic of upload speed. Saying that the sensation of a fast connection is limited by your upload speed. I agree.

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  1. Uutterly and completely justifiable. Honestly, why should there even be progress bars at all?

    I should be able to click on something and instantly see it. Period. Doesn’t matter what it is.

    Sure, right now, people are mainly using the high speed technology for illegal music downloads and videos. But if we could just get a *little* bit faster, suddenly legal downloads would be more feasible. I want to be able to view any news feed or movie in HDTV quality at the click of a button. And I think people would be willing to pay for this.

  2. I recently changed to a 100 Mbps plan. The reason for that is that it’s cheaper than my previous 12 Mbps VDSL plan. C’mon 100 Mbps for $35/month.

  3. Wow, we have something like 8mbps here at our office and we’re paying over a hundred dollars a month (business class). With that measely download we get an even more pathetic 768k upload which lately has averaged around 350k. Insane. I wonder if you can get 100mbps in Phoenix for a decent price?

  4. to my knowledge, the only way to get a 100 mbps internet connection for $35 a month… is to live in europe or something. Basically, America is behind the times.

  5. You can in the States and in the UK IIRC. Its too expensive in the UK though and hardly ever heard of. An 18Mbps connection in UK is very expensive – around $100/month!

    Never mind the 100Mbps…

    UK high speed net connections @ 12Mbps don’t even average 500Kbp upload nor 6Mbps download.

    However there IS on American soil the service offering of 50-100Mbps. VDSL2 (very-highbit- rate DSL 2). VDSL2 was completed a little more than a year ago and is both DMT-based and backward-compatible with ADSL2+.
    Telecom companies can deploy VDSL2 chips in their remote terminals and support legacy ADSL clients, ADSL2/2+ clients, and VDSL2 clients. Infineon can support 100Mbps symmetrical VDSL2 service over distances as far as 3500ft, using 30MHz of bandwidth, or 50Mbps symmetrical service over distances as far as 5000ft using 17MHz of bandwidth. There’s nothing faster than this at present, on offering.

    AT a cost of about $1000/annum

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