What do you think of the new Dole web site? It’s a little over the top if you want my opinion. No, I take that back. It’s WAY over the top. I call it ugly and unusable.

Simply put: There’s too much going on: animations on the homepage, bright colors everywhere, and all of this ensures that nothing stands out.

4 responses to “Dole”

  1. I love it, very nice..colors clash well.
    The only problem is the animation kinda blows.

    Anyway thats my two cents.

  2. Well, nothing stands out, but the fruit.

    After looking at that, I’ve got a real hankerin’ for a nice handful of juicy strawberrys — Dole strawberrys.

  3. Nice, very colorful, but the animation in the header is horrible. Could’ve done well without that animation and with a well-designed header graphic.

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