Dogs or cats?

Dogs for me.

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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Over the years, I’ve had 2 cats and 6 dogs (this is over my entire life, and I’m older than dirt)

This is what I’ve discovered —

Dogs are like having the guys over, they’ll hang out, goof around with you, exercise with you, yak it up with you and generally enjoy life with you — unless it’s a poodle and takes a liking to your sister, then all bets are off on the buddy / buddy thing.

Cats are like those girls who we admire from afar. They’re cool and aloof, you have to win their affection — once you do though, it’s a very rewarding relationship. Best part of cats, they are self-supporting generally. No baths, no walking, no fleas…

So for me — both.

I’ve had both and both can make great companions. Overall though I prefer dogs. And my 85# of canine companion who is looking over my shoulder at the moment agrees.

Sorry for the delay in answering Chris. Pooch is a Weimaraner who turned 5 last month. He plays like a 5 month old puppy and generously lets me sleep in his bed, er … my bed. *grin*

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