Do you pick up pennies?

I do.

7 responses to “Do you pick up pennies?”

  1. I pick up pennies so that my 15-month old daughter won’t attempt to put one in her mouth and inadvertantly swallow. After they are picked up, they are put into my 4 year-old son’s piggy bank — along with the nickels, dimes and quarters.

  2. It depends on how busy I am. If I’m really busy then I won’t. But I almost always pick up nickels. Never pass up on dimes or quarters.

    Ever gone through a toll booth? Open your car door when you’re stopped and look at the ground. There’s almost always money laying there.

    One time I literally drove away from a toll both, $3 richer.

  3. I once read about a famous industrialist who picked up pennies off the ground. (I can’t remember who it was but it was definitely someone of Carnegie or Rockefeller’s stature.) When asked about this, he responded with “I didn’t get rich passing up free money.” or something like that. It’s always stuck with me and I pick up any coin I find on the ground. (Still not rich, though.)

  4. See a penny, pick it up / All that day you’ll have good luck / See a penny, let it lay / You’ll have bad luck all that day.

    A penny saved is a penny earned.

  5. want to know something funny? My and my 10 y.o. son go out to our local mall every week for ” coin hunt”. Where do you find those coins ? Usually around cashiers and on food courts. We found many coins 1 cent, 10, 5 and even 25 cents. One trip usually ends up with ~ $ 2. We made more than 15 trips so far so it is $ 30 for free. So when you are in a store, standing by cashier just look down , maybe underneath a bit , you may see some free money lying there ha .

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