Do you look your age?

Do you look your age?

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  1. ha! People always guess I’m 5-10 years older than I actually am. (32) My wife, on the other hand, easily passes for 10 years younger.

  2. What?? How should I know? I thought you’d provide a link to some nice online quiz/test…
    Anyways, I think/hope I look a few years younger than I actually am.

  3. I’m only 20 but I’ve been told many a time that i look at least 2 years younger – I’m definitely looking forward to growing old now! =D

  4. i am 24, and was being interviewed for a job by someone who i am friends with, and they thought I was 28-30. maybe its stress from web design 😉

  5. I don’t know for sure. I hope I look younger than 33. I get really excited when I get carded when buying alcohol!

  6. I’m 25 and depending on the day or how recently i shaved, I can look a LOT younger. Most of my friends think i am older, but I get carded at bars where my little sister (21) get in at.

    My wife however is almost 27 and gets the “your too young to have kids look” And in Globe thats saying something.

  7. I am now 36 years old and it’s only because I finally started greying that people guess I’m around my age. I still have the exact shape, face and build as I did when I was 16 and you’d think that was a god thing, but people don’t respect you when they think you’re younger than you actually are. Never thought I’d say thank God for grey hair and the ability to FINALLY grow a beard… 😛

  8. People usually think I’m 5-10 years younger than I am, and always have. Ditto Armie’s comment that while you might think it’s nice, people just don’t have respect for you. Age-ists!

  9. I’m about to turn 21, but tons of people think I look 12. I’m VERY lucky to be told I look 16 *lol* I’m only 5’0″ tall and “tiny” as most tell me, so I’m sure that has something to do with my young appearance. It sometimes offends me when people treat me the age they think I am, but that’s alright. I’m told it’ll pay off when I’m 30 and look 20 *lol* =o) Anyone else close to my age who looks a lot younger? I know there’s some disease/condition that some people have that keeps them from aging physically. What is it called?

  10. I just turned 29 years old recently and I always get carded. On my trip to Hawaii, I was at a social hour and the bartender wouldn’t let me drink a mai tai because I looked too young and I didn’t have my id with me anyway. Another time when I was at a luau, I wanted to get a Hawaii Sunset alcohol and I forgot my id again and the bartender said I looked too young and they needed to see an id. When I said I was 29, he was like “Aww for real? You don’t look it!” and he asked the other bartenders how old I looked like and they said I looked around 21-22 years old. Then I got my id to show proof of my age. LOLzzzz. That made me feel really good.

  11. ive always looked young for age, im 43 and people think i look about 32 is embarassing though ,when you tell people you have a 20yr old daughter,thay cant believe it.

  12. I agree also with Armie – You don’t get the respect you should if you look younger. I’m 45 and still get referred to as a “girl”. That is NOT flattering. Yes I am in good shape and weigh what I did in high school but am going through the “change”, have crow’s feet around my eyes, need glasses to read labels in the store, am a widow, etc. but still get treated like a clueless “young girl” ARGHHHH! The first hints of gray are starting to come in–think I will just let it happen!

  13. I agree you dont get respect when you look younger then you are.I am 25 years old and a wife and a mother of two and people always think I look 18 or 19 years old and if I dont wear any make up they would think I was 16 or 17 it really get on my nerves.

  14. I was just at the public library with my 8 year old daughter. She was signing up for the summer reading program and the “old fart” working the desk asked me if I wanted to sign up. The reading program is for kids aged 5-18. I’m 38. He told me there were great prizes…pencils, stickers, and toys. I was too hurt and embarrassed to say anything. I get that a lot and I hate it.

  15. iv been so angry at people some people say i look 14_16
    one person even said i looked ten years old
    then the other day i got a tinty complement i look like 19
    and one said asked if im in my early twentys
    im turing 18 soon in next month
    im a size 8 in clothes and size 7 in shoe size
    when do u stop growing
    iv been told you grow til 20
    and some til 19
    whos right i really wanna grown taller so i get treated with respect and not like a child of 12

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