Do you believe in UFOs?

Do you believe in alien life / UFOs?

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  1. I don’t believe that the two — alien life and UFOs — are synonymous. Alien life off-planet, sure, but here? Probably not, at least not “here” in a sense we’d recognize.

    I think UFOs, though, are simply the modern-day version of the mysterious things humankind has seen through the ages, including things like faeries and dragons, and probably fiery chariots, etc. I suspect there’s some phenomenon that some people can sometimes sense, something that’s physically real but difficult to easily detect. Over time our explanations for what we’re glimpsing have changed, but the phenomenon is no less real.

    Doesn’t mean UFOs are aliens, therefor.

  2. Hey its the new religion, Scientology believes… no seriously, the universe is way too big for there not to be life elsewhere, the scale and advancement of these lifeforms will be as infinite as they are numerous.

    and no i don’t believe in god.

  3. Alien life, yes. UFO’s, yes, for what they are: unidentified. Alien life visiting us, very very unlikely. I suppose it’s the reasonable take on this issue. Sure others will disagree though.

  4. I agree with mark in that the universe is way too big for there not even to be even the smallest life form to exist.

    Whether or not they have gotten to Earth, I have no idea. Although, I was driving the other night and can’t seem to remember what happened for about 2 hours…so, maybe 🙂

  5. Yeah, i dont see why i shouldn’t. Why have a universe that is bigger than a we can even fathom? Just to have blinking lights in the sky?

    Yeah, I believe in a creator, but my information is somewhat limited as to how He might work.

    I thought it was interesting in Farscape how there were advanced species who created other species. So in effect each race had their own gods who actually were their real gods. (This is not a particular theology that i subscribe to)

    Regarding UFOs that we see here, i wonder sometimes about pre-deluvian times where the bible talks about spiritual being co-habitating and interbreeding with humans (Genesis 6:2) Other civilizations talk about the same things. Who knows maybe thats where the demi-gods came from . May that has something to do with UFOs.

    Its easy to make up theories. Especially with Okkams razor around.

  6. I do believe there is life on other planets. I wonder if they believe that WE exist?

  7. What I believe religiously aside, I do believe that in the almost infinite expanse of space, it would almost be foolish to believe that there couldn’t be life in some form or another other than on earth. I don’t think that life would be able to visit us on it’s own volition, but that isn’t to say some sort of bacterial agent hasn’t rained down from a comet or otherwise natural phenomena.

  8. No. We’re on our own. No flying saucer is going to come down and take us all away to a better life.

  9. ufo: yes, who knows what people are sending up their to spy on the other guy. Alien: meaning another life form no.

  10. Yes I do, mostly because I’ve seen a UFO (not joking at all). I was about 12 years old at an outdoor retreat for Boy Scouts when we looked up in the sky and a light about the same intensity as an airplane was high in the sky, moving a lot faster than any airplane could ever move, and turning in right angles in the sky. Myself and about 5 of my friends saw it, plus a few adult Scoutmasters, and it certainly wasn’t a weather balloon. We watched it for about 45 seconds (in that time span it made at least 6 right angle turns in the sky at full-speed) and then it zoomed off into the night.

  11. “Tree Spirits” prevented me from getting closer/being abducted? by a UFO in Arizona. They insisted I get on the ground and try to sleep. It seemed to work, or maybe I chickened out.

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