I saw this the other day and my heart skipped a beat.

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  1. I’m curious exactly why you find it disturbing? It’s certainly tacky, but disturbing enough for your heart to skip a beat? What’s bugging you?

  2. Chris-
    The vehi-collage clearly says “web design”, not van design.

    If you took the time to look at their *web* design portfolio, you would have seen that they do some really great things like put their entire company site inside an iframe. *That’s* high tech.

    You would have also seen that they’re behind the ground breaking design of Swanson Jewelers Basic Demo Page.

    That should put you in your place.

  3. Why is this disturbing? I would say 90% of the web looks about as bad as this guys van, so it makes sense to me. Did you expect the guy to have a web 2.0 van – and just what would that look like anyway??? I suppose it would always drive in the middle of the road and have a sweet drop shadow down each side?

  4. People don’t know what a good website is, they just want a website.

    I wouldn’t doubt that these guys get a lot of business..horrible design and all.

  5. “Did you expect the guy to have a web 2.0 van – and just what would that look like anyway???”

    I don’t know what it’d look like, but everyone would be able to modify it.

  6. Well Chris, i think you suspect some kind of malpractice in it. Well marketing depends on everybody’s sense and requirements.

    I think it pretty normal way of Direct Marketing…

    Thank you

  7. Jonathan, I don’t suspect malpractice in it. The most disturbing thing I see is that someone is out there building the web and probably has stopped learning. That is sad.

  8. I am pretty sure this van makes a mockery of my life. It goes to show that there are people who are good a business and bad at design but still manage to do well. I fall on the other side. I am certainly bad at business.(i let the design speak for itself one way or another.)

  9. Damn that is one sweeeeet ride. But seriously yeah they lack design skills. I do like the saying near the bottom rear that says ” Network Cardiac Rescue” except their website really doesnt talk about any network services. But at least their fugly van matches their fugly design style. Look at the sweet envelope icon on the bottom of their home page next to the email address, that is da bomb. I dont think they do much design business since the second website in their portfolio says copyright 2002 at the bottom of the page and the first site in the portfolio doesnt exist. The third one has likely been redesigned by someone else since the author meta tag lists a different site.

  10. I was browsing through and my eyes stopped dead on this and ya know I felt the same way you did!! ( maybe not for the same reasons ) but still I feel you!!

  11. HA HA Too funny! Although this van is super scary and the exact opposite of good design they or companies like them do get a lot of business, I don’t quite understand why but most people are still scared of the interweb and the space van represents what they think the internet looks like… they plaster a lot of words people don’t understand on a car and people think “ooooo they must know what they r doing”. Disheartening for us folks who work hard on creating quality designs…

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