If you’re interested in Digital SLR cameras like I am, you’ll find to be of interest.

I think what’s most interesting is that the site was begun with a secondary goal besides to provide information about digital slrs. The second goal is to make money with Google’s banner ads system. My question is this: will we find more and more topic-specific web sites like this if banner ads start to really pay off like this?

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  1. Bill: I think most people would agree that the dot-com boom was caused by multiple failures, not just advertising.

    My opinion of the dot-“bomb” is that it was due to these problems (in order):

    1. Stupid business concepts
    2. Excessive growth and venture funding eventually caused a collapse… things collapsed because of #1 above
    3. There’s got to be a bigger reason like advertising or the stock market and trust but I’m too tired to think of it now

  2. (Two people are walking down a hallway, not looking where they are going.)
    (They run into each other, with catastrauphic results)
    (All items they are carrying fly in multiple direction)
    1st Person: Hey! Haven’t you run into me before?
    2nd person: Uhg! More like, haven’t you run into me?
    1st person: Hey look! Your coffee is in my AA!
    2nd Person: No, your AA is in my coffee!

    Which came first the coffee or the AA?

    Ok, I’m serious now. Coffee has been an AA meeting staple since the begining of time. I’ve worked with so many AA baristas and owners that I sometimes imagine the whole world is AA. I hope these guys succeed, they have an interesting idea but I wonder how Anonimous a coffee shop can be for those truely AA. I’ve always wondered why people would want to have an AA meeting in such a Public place. Oh well I’m not AA but I make drinks for them all the time. Perhaps I’m AA by the massive amount of associations I’ve had with them.

  3. Looks like Live and Let Live is dead. Was by there a bit ago and it looked pretty much dead. Windows were papered/painted over and a big closed sign was visible. Anyone know what happened?

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